Webinar - How to be more efficient at work?

Webinar - How to be more efficient at work?

How to develop postures that promote daily performance?
How do you organize your time and priorities?
In this one-hour webinar, our professional coaches share their practical advice.

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Performing Better at Work: What You Will Learn in This Webinar

In recent months, many employees have experimented with remote working. For some, it's still a part of their daily lives.

This situation pushes each member of the organization to Review your personal organization.
However, whether or not you are always teleworking, this task is not always an easy task...

This webinar will be an opportunity to discover in particular:

How to find your chronophages, Its blockers and boosters To develop new postures to improve performance?
How to organize your time ?
How Optimize the management of emails, meetings and projects ?

The detailed webinar program

Presentation by Aude Bohu, Associate Director of Talentis and Professional Coach

Understand your relationship to time

Taking Control of Your Organization

Plan in retroplanning mode

Optimize the management of your emails

Optimizing the Effectiveness of Meetings

Combining Remote Work and Family Life

Questions/Answers from participants