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We create tailor-made Leadership Development programmes to support your talents, to bring them to embody a leadership adapted to the challenges of transformation

Leadership and management seminar


Our vision of the new Leadership


of organisations are leading to profound changes in leadership and management styles

Structures are flattening

Teams work in cross-functional mode, with employees reporting to several leaders, experts or contributors and no longer having a single manager as a point of reference

Leaders of tomorrow

are at once "boss, mediator and coach". Flexible and adaptable, they encourage creativity to retain and attract talent, while keeping the focus on the objectives

Talent is waiting

more and more permanent feedback, a real sense of meaning associated with the tasks and the project in order to move forward while feeling useful and contributive

Faced with these challenges

There is an urgent need for dedicated and varied responses, with rapid, measurable and long-term effects.


Some examples of the most popular coaching topics

Each coaching is tailor-made for the talent: contact us for a tailored response

Sécuriser sa prise de fonction de manager

Securing your position as a manager

Raising awareness among senior leaders of effective ways to succeed in their new role

Booster son potentiel de leader Entrepreneur

Boosting your leadership potential Entrepreneur

Accelerate the entrepreneurial spirit within the group, cross-fertilise talents to bring out innovative ideas

Diffuser une nouvelle culture de leadership

Spreading a new leadership culture

Accompanying, accelerating the understanding and appropriation of new leadership skills

Construire son parcours professionnel

Building your career path

Facilitate the reflection of talents/leaders on the next steps of their career path in the company

Manager dans l’incertitude, en crise

Managing in uncertainty, in crisis

Equip yourself with the mindsets and skills needed to move forward in the crisis

Embodying modern authority

Embodying a modern authority

Work on the tools and posture of the new manager: creator of meaning, engaging and stimulating, challenging with benevolence to help people grow.

Managing a Transverse Project

Managing a cross-functional project

To appropriate the key skills, tools and postures necessary to create legitimacy and authority in cross-functional mode

Know yourself to optimize your leadership

Knowing Yourself to Optimise Your Leadership

Strengthen self-awarenessEquip yourself to lead in a complex and uncertain environment

First Time Managers

First Time Managers

Know and work on your management style. Apply to manage effectively from the start

The values that underpin our programmes, the result of many years of experience, to make seminars a shared success.

Les valeurs qui sous-tendent nos programmes, fruit de nombreuses années d'expérience, pour faire des séminaires une réussite partagée

Talking to the head, heart and body

Rapid deployment of 

Cooperation and co-construction

Comfort of use, autonomy and access to the top 5% of coaches


Commitment to results

Originality and innovation



Le coaching professionnel, vecteur de performance

a sense of belonging


employee engagement



Professional coaching, a vector of performance

Through its highly personalised approach, coaching acts as a performance and development stimulator for individuals, teams and organisations.

Examples of leadership seminars

Since 2003, we have designed and delivered over 900 leadership programmes to 150 international clients. Some examples include:

Prendre un poste de Manager

Take up a position as a Manager

Client : Large international cosmetics group
Target : 50 first-time managers each year in various countries where the Group is present
Objectives : To acquire the fundamentals of management, to discover one's own managerial style, to build a development plan...

Prendre un poste de Dirigeant

Taking on a management position

Client : Major international banking group
Target : 100 potential leaders
Objectives : To develop one's own leadership in the service of an ambitious professional trajectory. Work on blockers/boosters, personal marketing, political sense, etc...

Changer d'espaces de travail

Changing workspaces

Client : Large international food group
Target : 150 managers
Objectives : To develop the managerial skills needed to cooperate effectively in new locations. To reflect on the changes in postures and skills that these new locations entail, etc.

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