Our mission

Developing sustainable leaders for sustainable companies

Our approach to professional coaching, whether collective or individual, is result-oriented, as a stimulator of performance and development of people and teams, for the benefit of the organisation

Getting to know us better
Leader in executive coaching, professional coaching and leadership development

Leader in executive coaching and leadership development

Created in 2003, Talentis has been a leader for 20 years in the fields of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. Our mission is to accompany responsible leaders for a responsible company.

We build tailor-made coaching programs to support the managerial transformation of organizations. Thanks to our team of 150 coaches in 27 countries, our rigorous project management team and our commitment to excellence, we have already We have accompanied more than 45,000 talents, and conducted more than 300,000 hours of coaching for more than 150 major client groups.

The specificities of Talentis

  • Solid expertise in the coaching of talent in large international groups
  • Ongoing reflection with futurists, HRDs, sociologists, anthropologists, etc. on the transformation of work methods
  • Ability to manage ambitious and complex projects with several hundred managers in several countries
  • Permanent concern for innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow's leaders
  • Very specific criteria for recruiting coaches: professional experience, coaching experience, etc.
  • Tailor-made spirit with a strong sensitivity to the culture of the company accompanied
  • Commitment to sustainable results: obligation of results and not of means!
Les spécificités de Talentis
Notre vision du leadership responsable

Our vision of responsible leadership

Developing responsible leaders for a responsible company

  • The company is accelerating its transformation and is progressively moving towards a responsible company, for which the well-being of employees, customer satisfaction and the preservation of natural resources are absolute priorities, in compliance with 3 pillars: PEOPLE - PROFIT - PLANET
  • Leaders are inspirers, catalysts of energy who lead their teams to responsible success, with a parity, learning and inclusive approach.
  • They promote constructive dialogue, co-responsibility and cross-functional projects to generate pride, continuous learning and shared confidence
  • Innovation is at the service of customers, employees and stakeholders, to build a better future and generate projects that make sense for everyone

Employee engagement rate


Increased individual performance

Professional coaching, a vector of performance

Talentis works with you to build customised systems, associated with your operational and managerial challenges. We set results objectives and performance indicators to measure the impact of our interventions

The issues we address

Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

The transformations experienced by companies require the development of new management methods, in order to spread agility, trust and co-responsibility at all levels. Talentis trains and supports your managers to appropriate new skills and managerial positions

Les enjeux auxquels nous répondons

Team performance

Team performance

Businesses are moving from a logic of individual performance to a logic of collective performance. Everyone is expected for their ability to contribute to the whole and not just to their own objective. Talentis continues team sessions to work on the concepts of trust, co-responsibility, commitment, lifelong learning and recognition

Les enjeux auxquels nous répondons

Professional development

Professional development

Throughout their career paths, talents are invited to develop new skills, new postures and demonstrate an ability to learn continuously. Talentis builds individual coaching programs to accelerate the strategic learning of your talents

Les enjeux auxquels nous répondons

Managerial transformation

Managerial transformation

Companies are building new managerial skills frameworks, to adjust managerial skills, postures and priorities around their key issues. Talentis supports your thinking, from the initial phase of defining the new standard of reference to the implementation of support

Les enjeux auxquels nous répondons

Gender diversity and female careers

Gender diversity and female careers

Diversity is now an issue of managerial equity, talent retention and operational and financial performance. The programs we implement are such as to engage all talents (female talents, managers, managers, employees) around inclusive practices and equitable talent management.

Les enjeux auxquels nous répondons

Executives et Dirigeants

Spécial Executives et Dirigeants

Talentis accompagne les dirigeants depuis 18 ans et a développé une notoriété forte dans le domaine de l’executive coaching. Notre équipe de coachs de dirigeants expérimentés construit les dispositifs adaptés aux enjeux individuels ou collectifs

All types of professional coaching, remote or face-to-face, to meet your needs!

Talentis is the only player to offer all coaching modalities!
These modalities can be mixed to make your programme the best experience for your talent

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Individual coaching by Talentis

Individual coaching

Develop the potential of all your talents

Team coaching

Deploy performance and engagement levers

Leadership and management seminar

Group coaching

Tailor-made leadership & management seminars



Fostering peer-to-peer learning

Our coaches

Our team of certified professional coaches.
150 coaches in 27 countries

  • 5 years of expertise as a professional coach (10 years on average), 1000 hours of coaching

  • Combine the skills of individual coaching, group coaching and team coaching

  • At least 15 years in senior management positions in a large group

  • Coaching training of at least 25 days and additional annual training of at least 50 hours

  • Talentis Community members: monthly workshops, annual campuses, onboarding and intervisions....

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Caroline Hercz
Jody Julien
Serge Elbaz

“One of the great strengths of Talentis lies in the quality of its coaches. They all have solid business experience and a great deal of experience...”

Vanessa Kolasniewski, Resp.Talents — CARREFOUR

Since 2003, we have been supporting companies of all sizes

+150 companies, i.e. +40,000 coachees, +300,000 hours of coaching
Leaders of all levels, High Potentials, Proximity Managers, Managers of Managers, Executives...

At your side to build a tailor-made professional coaching programme

Take a moment with our consultants to share your needs and questions and we will build a personalized offer