Talentis and the

Encourage peer-to-peer learning by highlighting each other's best practices, in a spirit of co-responsibility.The coach leads a group based on the logic of collective intelligence where everyone is committed to

Talentis et le Co-développement


Situations requiring a co-development programme

Mise en place de projets transverses

Implementation of cross-cutting projects

In the new project-based organisations, promote cross-functional cooperation and inter-business exchanges

Transformation d’entreprise

Business transformation

Aligning leaders and managers around the issues of organisational transformation, sharing good practice

Favoriser les coopérations

Promoting cooperation

In the new project-based organisations, promote cross-functional cooperation and inter-business exchanges

Mettre en partage les bonnes pratiques

Sharing good practice

Identify and share best practices to accelerate and increase collective and individual performance

Se soutenir dans contexte à fort enjeux

Supporting yourself in a high-stakes context

Play the collective card, to support each other when the context is particularly challenging

Trouver des solutions ensemble

Finding solutions together

Bringing together a group of leaders to find solutions, to innovate, when they are difficult to identify

Renforcer la co-responsabilité

Strengthening co-responsibility

Encourage managers to feel mutually responsible for the achievement of each other's results, to work on the "we" as much as the "I", to encourage emulation and overall performance

Aider chacun à trouver rapidement des solutions

Helping everyone to find solutions quickly

Use the strength and emulation of the group to find solutions more quickly

Favoriser la confiance

Fostering trust

Between managers from different backgrounds, foster a climate of trust and open communication

Implementation steps to transform leadership over time

Les étapes de mise en œuvre pour transformer le leadership dans la durée

Setting the targets

Rapid deployment of 

Kick-off of the programme

Comfort of use, autonomy and access to the top 5% of coaches

Co-dev sessions


Review of the programme

Le coaching professionnel, vecteur de performance

Increase in team results


Productivity improvement



Professional coaching, a vector of performance

Through its highly personalised approach, coaching acts as a performance and development stimulator for individuals, teams and organisations.

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