Team coaching

Team Coaching

Enable the team to reach a higher level of performance by working on the way they collaborate, decide, anticipate and manage performance

team coaching


Situations requiring team coaching

Arrival of a manager within a team

Arrival of a manager in a team

Recreate the fundamentals of a team spirit, adjusting roles and functioning

Alignment around a new project

Alignment around a new project

Knowing how to implement action plans at the collective and individual levels. Build team cohesion

Implementation of change projects

Implementation of change projects

Committing together for the long term, working on deployment

Mise en place d’une nouvelle équipe

Setting up a new team

Define and share a common vision, the associated postures and the contributions of each

Optimizing collective efficiency

Optimising collective efficiency

Create a new relational culture and modes of cooperation, deploy new working methods, break down silos

Rebuilding communication

Reconstruction of communication

Conflict resolution, mediation process, identifying factors that generate conflict, building a charter of ethics


Team coaching according to Talentis

International presence

Aims to

To support, on a regular basis and over time, the collective dynamics around the success of change projects or the optimisation of collective performance

Commitment to results

Intended to

To enable the team to reach a higher level of performance, in particular through in-depth work on its ways of collaborating, deciding, anticipating and steering performance

Coaching ethics

Distinguishes itself

Team Building in its duration and frequency. The team and its leader are accompanied over a longer period (3 to 12 months depending on the case) according to the team's development and performance objectives

Our methodology is the result of many years of experience, validated and proven for maximum efficiency and quick results:

méthodologie talentis coaching

Diagnosis of needs

Comfort of use, autonomy and access to the top 5% of coaches

Team coaching during a first seminar


Complementary team workshop


Debriefing with the leader

Professional coaching, a vector of performance

Increase in team performance


Managers feel that their team is more effective as a whole

Professional coaching, a vector of performance

Through its highly personalised approach, coaching acts as a performance and development stimulator for individuals, teams and organisations.

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