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Accelerate the development of your leaders with online professional coaching! Choose Click & Coach, the solution that combines a digital platform with the excellence of professional coaching guaranteed by Talentis.

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Develop the leadership of your talents for a sustainable collective performance

The new leadership cultures are transforming towards learning, inclusive, open and agile cultures.Via Click & Coach, make your talents, managers and leaders work on their leadership posture: their impact, their ability to engage in action, etc.

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Support your managers in
developing their skills

From the first time you take on a managerial role, to the time you become a leader, the skills of a manager are evolving and becoming more and more complex.

Click & Coach builds with you managerial development programs adapted to your priorities.

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Strengthen the leadership of your female talent

Gender diversity is at stake in the transformation of the company. More gender diversity generates benefits on: attraction and retention of all talents, company performance, inclusion, equity and employer image.

Click & Coach helps you to accelerate and secure the access of female talents to all hierarchical levels.

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Optimize cooperation within your teams

Whether they are leaders or contributors in the team, accompany your talents in the optimization of their actions and their posture to contribute to the good functioning of the collective.
Click & Coach's professional coaches will make them work on the factors that generateco-responsibility and collective performance.

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Give your talents the keys to successfully lead
the changes

Accompanying your team through change.

Getting everyone to adhere to the new strategic orientations, giving meaning, engaging everyone in a cross-functional role to co-construct the future, steering the stages of change, and removing resistance over time.

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Boost the performance and energy of your talents

How to develop positive energy at work? How to learn how to preserve and recharge your batteries? How to balance your time and your agenda?...

Boost the performance and energy of your talents with Click & Coach!

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Secure and accelerate the assumption of duties by your managers and executives

50% of new managerial positions fail due to lack of support!

Give your talents the opportunity to secure and accelerate their assumption of their position.By working with a professional coach,they will develop the necessary skills to adapt quickly to their new environment and build an effective cooperation in the new culture.

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Support your talents in optimizing their communication

Give your talents the opportunity to optimize their communication, reinforce their impactand their influence!

During the coaching sessions, the talents work on the content as well as on the form of their message.

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Accelerate the careers of your talent

In a context of tension on talent attraction and retention, it is interesting to help them project themselves in your organization on different types of functions or hierarchical levels.

Career coaching allows talents to clarify their motivational levers, their talents and their main aspirations.

Our 4 types of distance coaching programs

Click & Coach adapts to your needs and not the other way around! Our objectives: to meet your challenges, to simplify your deployment, and to maximize the commitment of your talents.

Coaching of a promotion of talents

Leaders follow a program with a common goal (same start & end date). They define individual goals.

A la carte Coaching

Tailored to each talent, the company allocates coaching hours. The duration is adapted to the objectives of the coaching.

Short Coaching

Flash coaching for specific needs (leadership profile debriefing, 360°, etc.) lasting from 1.5 to 5 hours.

Executive Coaching - NEW

Online coaching for your executives. A team of executive coaches experienced in accompanying populations of executives.

Our customized services

The professionalism of 20 years of professional coaching experience

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Team of coaches selected and onboarded for you

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Design ofyour customizedprogram

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Possibility of an additional face-to-face course

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Customization of the platform to your colors

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International deployment

Premium customer service

Entrust us with your talents, we'll take care of the rest

A dedicated team
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A project team entirely dedicated to the success of your program. We manage ALL the project management: invitations, follow-up, reminders...

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We select a team of coaches for you and onboard them to your culture. We co-construct a communication to engage your talents. We do regular reviews with you to ensure the best flow of your program

A rapid international launch
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An implementation of your program in a few days. Selection of coaches, onboarding, creation of the program page, invitations... We have 17 languages available among our 150 coaches.

A library
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500 contents available in French and English, audio, videos, articles... 10 themes: professional project, time and energy management, management, success for women.

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10 ans

of coaching practice

Selection of the top 2% of coaches

With more than 15 years of corporate experience and 10 years of executive coaching practice - or 1000 hours - our coaches are experts in individual, group and team coaching, either face-to-face or remotely. All our coaches are supervised and trained on an ongoing basis.

Measure the performance of your program


Follow-up of the progress of the coaching


Follow-up of the progress of the coachees


Feedback and recommendations from your Click & Coach team


Vision of the
subjects worked on

Click & Coach :
a culture of results


recommend their coaches


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rate of skill progression.

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Grand groupe d'assurances
Grand groupe d'assurances
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A large group is developing the manager-coach posture

Put management back at the center of managers' concerns by developing the manager-coach posture

Maisons du Monde
Maisons du Monde
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Maisons du Monde supports its Top Managers

Discover, in video, the testimony of Julien Léguillon, HR Development Director at Maisons du Monde

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Deloitte has chosen online coaching with C&C

Discover, in video, the testimonies of Sophie Lethimonnier, HR Director Deloitte France & Francophone Africa

At your side to build a tailor-made professional coaching programme

Take a moment with our consultants to share your needs and questions and we will build a personalized offer

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