Individual coaching

Individual coaching by Talentis

Individual coaching allows you to call on a sparring partner to take a step back from your position and function in order to grow and develop

Individual coaching by Talentis

Our bias

Individual coaching:
our biases

Caring coach

The coach takes a caring and demanding look, giving protections and permissions for more power.

Mirror coach

The coach acts as a mirror: his posture brings out the person's solutions and best practices

Challenging coach

The coach confronts the manager's reality, and supports him in the effective search for options associated with his context. He gives a lot of feedback.

Opening coach

The coach allows us to look at the professional context from another angle, to look for new avenues and to experiment with them to validate their relevance.

Confidentiality guarantor

It guarantees absolute confidentiality and allows the beneficiary to discuss his/her difficulties and success factors.


Individual coaching: examples of topics

Each coaching is tailor-made for the manager

Develop your leadership

Developing leadership

Learn to build on one's strengths, identify areas of concern, build an action plan to strengthen one's leadership

Succeed in taking office

Succeeding in your new role

Accelerate and secure the transition of leaders to a management position. Putting in place the factors for success

Transition coaching

Transition Coaching

Preparing and securing managerial positions for all profiles, including first-time managers

Optimize your organization

Optimising your organisation

Improve performance and peace of mind through better analysis and prioritisation of tasks, projects and agendas

Managing stress and energy

Managing stress and energy

Diagnose the causes of stress, find resource levers, success or failure scenarios

coaching individuel optimiser impact et influence

Maximising impact and influence

Master public speaking, gain impact and react to objections. Optimising non-verbal communication

Managing in complexity

Managing in complexity

Making decisions, managing and building team confidence in all situations

Develop your resilience capacity

Developing resilience

To be accompanied in order to take stock of one's experiences, feelings, and areas of freedom of action and influence, so as to be able to bounce back better

coaching individuel incarner leader entrepreneur

Embodying an entrepreneurial leader

Develop the postures of the entrepreneurial leader, succeed in embodying boldness, courage and continuous learning

Our individual coaching methodology is the result of many years of experience, validated and proven for maximum effectiveness and rapid results.

coaching individuel méthodologie Talentis

The Talentis brief client

Rapid deployment of 

Discovery meeting

Measurement and management of 

Coaching session

Comfort of use, autonomy and access to the top 5% of coaches

Three- or four-part start/end maintenance

coaching individuel vecteur performance

Increased resilience


Productivity improvement



Individual coaching, a vector of performance

Through its highly personalised approach, individual coaching acts as a performance and development stimulator for individuals, teams and organisations.


“I trust the Click & Coach/Talentis teams because they have great expertise in professional coaching.”

Lucile Charbonnier, Director Dev. RH — BABILOU

Babilou develops its employees through coaching

This program offers Group employees the opportunity to take a moment to take a step back from their position and their professional challenges with a professional coach.

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Babilou develops its employees through coaching

This program offers Group employees the opportunity to take advantage of online coaching sessions.

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