Reputation: how to maintain your image at work?
Léa Zolli Durand
Léa Zolli Durand

Reputation: how to maintain your image at work?

You are often told about how you should make yourself visible, manage your image, and do your personal marketing within your company so as not only to do your job well, but also to ensure that people know what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and why you do it, and that you do not necessarily go unnoticed within teams. What is important, beyond being visible, building your network, talking about your projects and knowing what you are working on, is also to pay attention to what people say about you when you are not in the room. We call it reputation. How can you be vigilant about your ability to manage your reputation?

The image at work is subjective

The first thing to do is to start by understanding that the things people say about you and the way they think about you are subjective, it doesn't matter. Some people will appreciate you, who will help you, others a little less so. But overall, what is interesting is that there are ways of speaking around you, ways of saying that you are like this, like that, only around you, without you really knowing it, this halo of speech that builds a certain reputation.

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Know your reputation in the company

Rather than suffering the reputation you may have within your team or company, our proposal at Talentis is to think about how you can know your reputation in order to better manage it. The way you can do that is interview people around you on a regular basis. What is said about you in the positive company? What comes out of you when we talk about you, the way you work, the way you manage, the way you cooperate?

Ask these people what you should do more or less or differently to improve or optimize your reputation in the company, it's indirect feedback. It allows people to be a bit more honest about how they see you, but also to talk about your reputation by disassociating themselves, by saying “This is what I hear from you, it's not necessarily what I think.” There are elements that will be positive, but also elements that will not necessarily be positive.

Connaître votre réputation dans l’entreprise

Manage your image at work based on feedback

Once you've got enough feedback, ask yourself what the similarities are in what you've been told and what you can do about it. What did you already know about yourself? Whether it's the positive or the least positive. What do you possibly want to change? What did you discover? What is your surprise?

Positive discovery? You can cultivate even more these positive elements that you did not necessarily know. A less positive discovery? What do you decide to do with it? Do you care?

For example: It comes back that you are too cash. You may not care, you are cash and you remain cash while assuming. On the other hand, you realize that you are actually a bit too cash, and this is playing tricks on you in meetings, in management, etc... At that moment, you need to be careful and to manage this part of you carefully so that your reputation does not harm you.

You alone decide your image at work

Never forget that only you choose who you want to be. The question is not to over-adapt to what people say about you, but to adapt. On the other hand, don't be naive and don't tell yourself that you are who you are for every feedback you receive. It's about being vigilant, listening and taking into account feedback to ensure that your reputation is like you, which is the key to managing your image at work.

Building a self-image at work that you would be proud of can be learned. Whether you are a manager, manager and you want to work on this theme in professional coaching, contact us!

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