The 3 new challenges for managers in 2023
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

The 3 new challenges for managers in 2023

Great Resignation, War for Talent, climate emergency... in 2023, managers are facing many challenges that are the result of the rapid evolution of markets, technologies and stakeholder expectations.

These are issues of crucial importance for managers who want to maintain a high level of commitment and performance within teams.

Since 2003, Talentis has supported hundreds of managers and directors every year within major international groups.

Today, whether you are a manager or a Talent Development Manager, we invite you to reflect on these new issues that leaders are facing in relation to the many challenges that arise today.

Challenge 1: remobilize teams

The first challenge for managers in 2023 is to remobilize all employees to recreate positive collective energy within teams. This year, we have never talked so much, in the media and in business, about engagement, disengagement, the search for meaning or the lack of meaning. This subject is a real challenge for leaders who must reconstitute a fully aligned and co-responsible collective around projects that give everyone the pride of belonging to the organization. In this way, employees will have the motivation to contribute strongly and will demonstrate long-term commitment.

Challenge 2: develop a culture of lifelong learning

The second extremely “hot” challenge at the moment for managers is this need to mobilize talents, employees, managers, all teams, at all levels of the organization, in a lifelong learning logic.

Why? Because businesses and technologies are changing at breakneck speed. Just like the trades.

The challenge for managers is not to become experts but to constantly learn new things and develop the strategic skills necessary to stay at the level in their profession and their market. The competition is of course unrestrained.

It is a question of posture in which the leader will be able to say: “It's okay if I don't know, I have to learn.” This is a completely new dynamic for leaders in 2023.

Challenge 3: transform their business towards a new regenerative model

The third challenge that managers face today, beyond business, technological and digital transformation, is this question of regeneration.

In a context of climate emergency and the scarcity of natural resources, the company must not only do less damage but rather seek to repair what damage it may have caused. Whether they are companies in the food industry, energy, fashion, luxury, everyone is in the process of transformation to move towards a more responsible business model. For the manager, this means fully and personally embodying this responsibility. The objective is not to assign CSR Managers to take on this responsibility alone. The latter must also come from the leaders.

We are all responsible for the regeneration of our business models, our practices, and the way we embody leadership. Because behind the term “responsible”, there is more than just the climate. There are also managerial practices, the regenerative practices of the company in general.

These three challenges are to be met on a daily basis. They're not just big words or nice ideas. Above all, it's about managerial courage, learning and constant questioning, and all this in a search for positive meaning to create the future we all need.

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