Online coaching platforms: what is Talentis' bias?
Guillaume De M.
Guillaume De M.

Online coaching platforms: what is Talentis' bias?

Individual coaching methods have moved extremely quickly and sustainably towards online coaching or remote coaching, via platforms that facilitate access and deployment.

Covid-19 and the general installation of so-called “hybrid” work - remote and in the office - that followed support this orientation of practices.

As a recognized player in coaching in all its forms, Talentis has been undertaking its transformation since 2017, precisely to support its large corporate clients via its Click & Coach online coaching platform.

By clearly distinguishing itself from the standardized approach of Anglo-Saxon platforms, by a solution that gives a tailor-made response.

Why an online coaching platform?

To make professional coaching accessible to a large number of talents, easily and quickly

For Talentis and its Click & Coach solution, it initially meant giving access in an easy, agile and fast way to a large number of coaches pre-selected for companies according to the highest criteria.

Thus, HR managers/sponsors of coaching save considerable time in the early phase of pre-recruiting coaches and can focus on building tailor-made coaching courses for their organization.

In addition, the business model is different from traditional coaching, with the acquisition of a large number of hours, via a 1 to 3 year subscription. The acquisition of a large number of hours thus allows access to lower rates than those available to a HR manager wishing to launch traditional coaching.

To allow varied uses of support by a professional coach and to get as close as possible to the needs of businesses and talents.

The convenience offered by the Click & Coach remote coaching platform allows companies to imagine numerous formulas that complement each other, adapted to the different profiles of the coachees, the number of talents involved, the available budget and the skills needed to be developed.

The particularity of Talentis with Click & Coach is precisely that it can mix coaching methods: individually or collectively, remotely or in person. So we are always looking for the best answer to customer needs, without ever copying and pasting a standard solution.

On the platform itself, various formulas are possible and grouped according to 3 axes:

1) Individual Coaching Program organized for consistent talent promotions

2) Flash coaching for very short periods

3) Coaching à la carte to meet the needs of each talent

Finally, the duration of coaching sessions is adapted to the needs of the coachee and not the other way around.

It is this logic that underlies the Click & Coach experience: technology adapts to the needs of the customer and not the other way around. We see too many digital solutions that impose their standardization model.

To allow companies to have reliable DATA to measure the impact of coaching

For each coaching program, a report is accessible in a few clicks by the sponsors who can thus easily identify:

• The progress of current coaching

• The rate of progress by objectives (absolute respect for the confidentiality of exchanges)

• The satisfaction rate of coachees

• The return on investment

Reporting can also be customized, especially for large organizations that want to see each other by program, by BU.

Discover the Click & Coach solution

The choice of a high-end distance coaching offer.

With companies, Talentis builds tailor-made coaching programs according to talent development priorities, and provides the most experienced coaches capable of addressing the most varied and complex subjects, in a tailor-made spirit, in an executive coaching practice.

In this way, Click & Coach by Talentis combines the best of high-end professional coaching with the flexibility of an agile and flexible platform to deliver the best possible experience to customers, coaches and talents. Each program is tailor-made for the company, using coaching protocols adjusted to the challenges of the organization and to the development priorities of the target. Click & Coach supports all talents, from young talent to managers, in a logic of strong personalization and professionalism.

Thus, coaches are always pre-selected, trained and acculturated to the values of the company and to the client's problems. The company having the possibility to validate or invalidate the selection. This demanding approach allows us to be committed to results.

Click & Coach is thus clearly identified as a key player for major accounts, through its tailor-made and expert coaching approach.

An online coaching offer that stands out

On the one hand, some traditional coaching actors have taken up the digital disruption of professional coaching late — and are still in a phase of learning practices and technologies — and for others not at all, refusing to believe in the disruption of practices.

On the other hand, digital pure players who have invested in the coaching market via platforms, promote a standardized technological response, using a “one fits all” approach, which limits any tailor-made approach. In particular, coaches may not be selected according to the company's criteria, nor acculturated or trained in the particular challenges of supported talents.

The challenge of our Click & Coach online coaching platform is therefore to carry the colors of quality professional coaching high, to deploy the same quality of coaching services and not to transform coaching into “industrialized, ultra-packaged and systematized training”.

We continue to defend the very principles of coaching, which are to build lasting and profound changes in behavior and postures, in a logic of appropriation and emergence.

The French identity of our solution, our tailor-made DNA, paying very close attention to the quality of adjustment of each coaching program to the values and culture of the company, of the team, by betting on the personalized support of talent populations, managers, teams, managers, directors, organizations that want the best coaching, organizations that want the best coaching for lasting transformations, make Click & Coach a unique high-end offer at very competitive rates.

Discover the Click & Coach solution

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