CODIR: what attitude should we adopt?
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

CODIR: what attitude should we adopt?

Have you just been appointed to a Codir? Congratulations! But what attitude do you need to adopt to make a good impression? What is expected of you in this Codir? What are your new responsibilities going to be? Discover 8 attitudes to adopt in Codir:

1. Study the codes of operation of the Codir.

Each Codir has its own codes. The way in which its members decide, how they communicate, deal with the topics discussed during meetings, sit around the table...

This group takes strategic decisions concerning the company together. As each member manages a sector, their constraints and objectives can therefore be very different from those of the others. Even if they must succeed together, each has personal and professional challenges that come into play during these meetings.

2. Avoid putting yourself in the first place right away.

It is better not to participate in a debate without first studying the culture of the group. During the first two or three meetings, listen, observe to understand how communication takes place, how decisions are made, who are the allies, the hesitant, the opponents... You can then gently contribute your brand and your style.

3. “Decode” each member of the Codir.

The objective is to know what is important for them, to know their news, their main constraints, what bothers them, what they are tending towards. Indeed, the decisions taken during this meeting involve moving towards a common goal while each of its members has different aspirations.

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4. Be strategic in getting a message across.

You need to show keen political sense and ask yourself questions to know how your intervention can serve the interests of other members of the Codir. “Mapping” the members beforehand makes it possible to determine who will be favorable to your project, and those who will have to be convinced.

5. Know that decisions are not made in meetings, but before or after.

To succeed in your intervention, it is essential to spend time with each member of the Codir to find out their opinion and their position on this subject. You have to think about the criteria that could change the mind of those who are opposed to them, so anticipate, amend your ideas, your project...

6. Pay attention to how he speaks.

Talking too much damages your image and you risk coming across as someone who does not hesitate to encroach on the territory of others. On the contrary, if you don't speak enough, you can quickly disappear into a Codir. You must therefore find your right place and succeed in getting your opinion across.

7. Remember that you are first a member of the Codir before being an expert.

Talking about your own expertise is a no-brainer. But not only that. We must also talk about those of others and be aware that we can give our opinion on areas of expertise that are foreign to us. It is a subtle game to avoid encroaching on the prerogatives of other experts while giving your point of view.

8. Don't show emotions or anger.

A Codir is, in general, always polite, and it is not fashionable to get upset in this kind of meeting. In case of disagreement, it should be resolved one-on-one.

You have just discovered 8 useful tips for successfully integrating into a Codir. Since 2003, Talentis' professional coaches have already supported more than 30,000 managers and managers in the success of their professional challenges.

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