What is intrapreneurship?
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

What is intrapreneurship?

More and more employees, project leaders, are embarking on entrepreneurship. Financed by their company, they can then develop their projects while maintaining their status. For Valérie Rocoplan, coach and founder of Talentis, the acceleration of innovation explains this phenomenon.

More and more companies are interested in it.

While many companies are beginning to care about this issue, it is mainly the big companies that are giving the lead in terms of intrapreneurship. Because they are “moved” to see their talents leave them to go and create their start-up and innovate elsewhere. To counter this phenomenon, many large groups are wondering how to convince them to stay, and how to make them progress internally. It is therefore a question of immersing these talents in a protected universe, of allowing them to live their entrepreneurial dreams, of letting their ideas emerge to become projects supported by the company.

There is no spontaneous generation of intrapreneurs.

Businesses have a large number of talented people with ideas who are just waiting to develop them. Unfortunately, they are often stifled by organizations that are too vertical and not reactive enough.

Detect and fund those with good ideas.

Organization of competitions, start-ups, weekends... Different possibilities exist to detect good innovation ideas and those who carry them. Once selected, the project will receive funding from the company. Thus, the idea-bearer does not have to leave his company to pursue his dream. A budget is allocated to him, all or part of his working time is freed up... In recent years, the very strong attraction exerted by start-ups is accelerating the movement and causing large companies to react, which are aware that they must act quickly.

The acceleration of innovation is constantly increasing.

Although not new, intrapreneurship is a growing phenomenon. The acceleration of innovation is such that the ability of large groups to attract is not always enough to keep their talents. They no longer have the patience to wait for The time to market comes true. Either talents decide to create their start-up, or they become intrapreneurs because, in the end, being financed by your company can be more comfortable.

Innovation is essential for the survival of large groups.

They know that their survival is in question if they do not innovate quickly enough. Bringing out talent and retaining them by giving them the means to thrive can enable them to ensure their sustainability.

Some groups even develop start-up incubators in-house, with a specially dedicated budget.

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