The Professional Coaching Minute: the 4 ingredients of trust
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

The Professional Coaching Minute: the 4 ingredients of trust

Talentis has been an expert in professional coaching and leadership development for over 15 years. The Professional Coaching Minute is a series of videos in “practical advice” mode to give everyone (managers, employees and managers) the keys to being more efficient on a daily basis.Episode 6 of La Minute Coaching Professional is devoted to the 4 ingredients of trust:




Openness to others

Transcript of the video Valérie Rocoplan, CEO of Talentis and professional coach:

“We all want others to trust us and we probably all think we can be trusted. However, Are we really self-diagnosing our ability to generate trust in others, before thinking about how they trust us? Today, I would like to spend a little time with you on the ingredients of trust so that you can tell yourself: Am I someone who generates spontaneous trust in others where could I perhaps make progress on certain aspects? Les ingredients of trust are 4 in number:

  • Sincerity
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Openness to others.

#1 Trust ingredient No. 1: sincerity.

What is it about? It's about your ability to demonstrate authenticity, simplicity in the way you interact with the people around you, regardless of their hierarchical level, regardless of their status.Do you connect naturally with people? Are your words honest? Do they seem real?Sincerity is a combination of honesty, authenticity, and the ability to be natural. It's a great chemistry that makes the people around you say: “This person seems sincere, what they say comes from their heart, what they say seems clear, there are no hidden intentions.” That's also why we know that someone is sincere. There is not something that is hidden, that seems to blur the airwaves and that would cause others to say to themselves: “This person is saying something, but deep down they don't really mean it or they are trying to take me somewhere.”

Develop the performance of your talents

#2 Trust ingredient #2: credibility.

The second ingredient of trust is what we call “credibility.” Credibility in the sense of “competence”, “expertise.” Is, when you talk about something, you demonstrate your ability to support your words with facts, by knowledge, by a study, by research, by evidence and not simply by lyrics based on sand or wind?

Build confidence in the ability you have to learn on a daily basis and be constantly in a desire for personal and professional development? Credibility is also linked to the competent and expert authority you have in your work.

Are you at the right skill level expected in this job?

#3 Trust ingredient #3: reliability.

The third ingredient of trust is reliability.She can also be called integrity.Do I say what I do? Am I doing what I say? Am I living up to my commitments? Is my word golden? Or do I need to only feel committed when it's written? Trust is really connected to the ability to keep its commitments.Like everyone else, sometimes things happen that prevent us from doing what was planned, but are we “duty to alert”?For example, by saying: “Excuse me, I was committed to this and that thing, I encountered a problem, I am re-engaging on a deadline. And this time I have it.” Because the people who say, “I don't have time, I don't have time, I don't have time” are the ones we trust the least. And it's a taboo this story of what I call “the suitcase of big good bad reasons” that makes people say: “I don't have time.”In fact, it kills trust.So your reliability is your ability to structure your commitments around what is possible and what is not possible, structure your agenda around the commitments that are fundamental to the success of your job and think, each time you make a commitment, about the reliability of your commitment.

>> Learn practical tips for managing your time and energy.[

#4 Trust ingredient #4: openness to others

The fourth ingredient of trust is divided or multiplied to the other three criteria.For example, I can be sincere, credible, and reliable... only in my own interest.So the fourth ingredient of trust will be: “Are you sincere, credible, and reliable in the service of your best interests perhaps, but especially of the overall collective interest of the team? ” If people feel that you are doing all of this just for your own benefit, then trust will drop very quickly.

Conclusion: In summary, it is important to say to yourself quite often: “What is the level of sincerity, credibility, and real reliability that I have in relation to others? Can I work on one of the ingredients that affect the trust others have in me? Can I be humble enough to tell myself that maybe I'm not always trustworthy?

Professional coaching is a tool that allows you to be in front of a mirror and to brush away your blind spots. From then on you will be in a position to say to yourself: “What makes me more or less trustworthy for my team, for the teams that work with me, for my customers, for my partners, for my suppliers? ”

So it's up to you to think carefully and do your self-assessment: am I trustworthy?

See you soon!

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