The 5 keys to smart networking
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

The 5 keys to smart networking

Do you want to advance your career? Learn to master networking (to network in good French) and discover intelligent networking techniques.

There is no mystery: to develop your career, the key to success often lies in the quality of your network. Because it is not enough to be effective in your job, to be skilled at quality, to have one idea per minute, or to be bursting with energy. No You need to succeed in establishing intelligent connections, those that will allow you to make yourself known by extending your network to those who can help you create a positive impact around you.

Set a goal

You don't need to have an extroverted personality to network successfully. The key is to know why you are looking to connect with a specific person: do you want to ask for information? Get an appointment? Have his email? You can create a checklist with a series of questions that you would like to have answered. Remember that you need to leave with the information you were looking for!

Learn to contact

Do you dream of seeing your professional address book grow bigger? Know how to precisely target those you are targeting. To do this, first of all, meet the people who revolve around the professionals you want to contact. Customers, former colleagues... you can tell them about your project and ask for their opinion, or even help.

Do not forget to notify and meet the members of your network: if you cannot offer yourself a job, word of mouth will allow you to be visible to people you do not know directly.

Create interest

If you want to expand your professional network, physical and visual contact is essential. But you will have to prepare it first. What are the themes that are important to you? The values that you would defend at all costs, those that guide you, that you would like to share, and for which you would be ready to debate until the end of the night? How could your network help you reach the goals you care about?

To be an intelligent connector, you must create interest in your interlocutor, through information, passion, and enthusiasm.

Know how to sell yourself

The meeting with new contacts who can help you professionally is being prepared. Here, it is important to prepare a speech recounting your background, your strengths, your weaknesses.

Remember that you need to provide enough information to make your interlocutors want to know more. And to see you again to go further.

Maintain your network

Don't wait until you're looking for work to expand your network. You need to be in action when you are in office. Moreover, maintaining and developing your network does not stop at the meeting alone. Also be interested in your interlocutors, be curious, listen to them, share information, do a favor. Be generous with others: good networking only works if exchanges are reciprocal.

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