Study on coaching and supervision professions by OPIIEC
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Study on coaching and supervision professions by OPIIEC

At the end of the year, the OPIIEC (The Observatory of Digital, Engineering, Engineering, Studies and Consulting and Event Careers) carried out a study on the professions of professional coaching and supervision.

This study was conducted with more than 30 coaching actors in France (companies and freelancers), more than 7 coaching schools and more than 22 client companies.

The objectives of this study are to enable professionals in the profession (and their clients) to have:

  • An overview (qualitative and quantitative) of professional coaching and supervision professions
  • A prospective analysis (3 to 5 years) of the needs and practices of client companies
  • An inventory of the means of access to the profession, the development of skills and professionalization
  • Reflections and courses of action on how to develop the legibility of the profession
  • Operational courses of action in the field of employment and training, including in particular reflections on training, certifications and other relevant aspects that will result from the study.

At Talentis, in collaboration with the Syntec Conseil Coaching Commission, of which Valérie Rocoplan is the co-president, we wanted to identify what, in light of the lessons of this study, would be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the professional coaching market.

If you want to consult all the data collected for this study, click on the link at the end of this article!

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the professional coaching market in France at the end of 2022

What are the strengths of the professional coaching market at the end of 2022?

  • Sustained market growth

With more than 33,000 trained coaches and 15,000 active coaches in France, the market is currently growing by +10% on average/year at a low estimate.
This growth is expected to continue given the number of coaches training each year.

  • Credibility that remains good with customers

According to the OPIIEC study: “Clients who use professional coaching now recognize the undeniable added value of the profession. Initially intended for executive managers, coaching is being democratized at all levels of the company. It now appears to be a fully-fledged tool to support the performance of middle management.”

  • Respected charters and ethics
  • Training and certifications that are structured

What are the weaknesses of the professional coaching market?

  • Numerous independent coaches
  • Low activity level on average (only 22% of coaches > 200 hours/year)
  • Lack of mission framing
  • Difficulty measuring results
  • The use of supervision is still too weak
  • A lack of readability in coaching

What are the opportunities in the professional coaching market?

  • An environment favorable to the development of professional coaching
  • New offers and modalities requested by customers: short coaching sessions, for everyone...
  • Very strong requests for support from Talents

What are the risks of the professional coaching market?

  • A market that is not easy to read for customers
  • Numerous coaches arriving each year with little experience
  • Training courses, certifications, supervision with numerous and difficult to read offers
  • Supervisors in 40% of cases not specifically trained in supervision
  • New, highly competitive digital offers disrupting the market
  • Lower prices

What are the challenges and future actions for the profession?

  • Making the market even more readable for customers
  • Optimize the quality of trainings, certifications, etc... of coaches
  • Strengthen the aspects of measuring results
  • Offer training in business development skills and digital uses for coaches

Here are some key elements that emerged from this OPIIEC study. If you wish, you can download the full results of the study by following the link below:

OPIIEC study 2022 - Full results

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