Responsible innovation to boost your business
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Responsible innovation to boost your business

By investing in sustainable development, the company wants to be a true “citizen actor”. Obviously, by reducing its environmental impact, and by implementing a human resources policy that cares about the well-being of its employees. The company has an important role to play in sustainable development: by reducing its environmental impact and by engaging in a human resources policy that ensures the well-being of its employees. In short, it is necessary to develop sustainable innovation.

Frugal innovation or “Jugaad innovation”, and open innovation or “open innovation” fit perfectly into this trend. Their goals: invent new solutions that are energy- and resource-efficient, and ingenious in order to promote novel collaborative practices.

Frugal innovation makes it possible to better mobilize its employees to engage them on transversal subjects where their creativity can be freely expressed. But frugal innovation also means being able to meet stronger expectations in terms of diversity, parity, sharing, mutual aid and well-being at work. The decrease in resources (human and material) provides an opportunity to improve the agility and flexibility of the company, to create value differently, by developing collaboration processes (external, internal...).

In a study on “innovation” conducted among 2800 companies by the Fraunhofer-Gesellshaf University, 78% of European and American companies say they often use frugal innovation for years. A strong number that indicates a fundamental and lasting evolution. Manager, it's your turn to become frugal!

4 ways to promote open innovation in your company:

1. Experience constraint as an opportunity

Our environments are becoming more and more difficult, consider these changes as an opportunity for challenge and innovation. Create new practices to deal with the vagaries of daily life. Invent: dare to escape traditional processes and business models.

2. Be innovative

And question your ability to take up existing innovations in other industries. Strengthen your specificity by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and by developing flexible solutions/products. Remember that collaboration is essential: do not hesitate to ask your internal teams, customers and suppliers when you want to develop a new solution or a new product.

3. Develop the agility of your employees

ISet up smart sleep times every week to be inspired by new practices and trends. By making your team think “out of the box”, you will unleash their creativity and capacity for innovation.

4. Simplify!

At each meeting, for example, start with a round table on what can be simplified on a daily basis. Make the workspace evolve to make your employees interact, get out of job descriptions, let talents and individual preferences prevail on projects/missions.

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