Managing emotions: do you know the origins of our emotions?
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Managing emotions: do you know the origins of our emotions?

Managing emotions. Sometimes we say to ourselves: “Oh, if I could not have seemed so fearful at this meeting!” or “Why do I always have to get mad about trivial matters?”... What if you had the power to perfectly manage your emotions? Did you know that there are ways to make your emotions real allies on a daily basis? However, before discovering how to use your emotions to perform, let's see together where the 4 main emotions come from: anger, fear, joy and sadness. As a reminder, La Minute Coaching Professional is a series of videos in “practical advice” mode to enable all talents (leaders, managers, employees) to be more efficient on a daily basis in their work.Welcome to episode 8: “Where do our emotions come from?”

Valérie Rocoplan, CEO of Talentis & professional coach : “Hello and welcome to this new Professional Coaching Minute around emotions. In this first video, we will first look at what an emotion is. Next, we're going to understand where each of these emotions comes from, what's the source of the emotion's effect. And finally, in a future video, we will look at for each of the main emotions the need that each emotion expresses and how you can tame your emotions to better manage them.

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#1 What is an emotion?

Emotion comes from the Latin word” remover”. Basically, it works like a thermostat, it expresses a slight imbalance (or a strong imbalance) and sets us in motion. It is a body signal that expresses the occasional need to return to balance. Simply put, emotion tells us that something important is happening that we must hear in order to act to return to balance.

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#2 The 4 main emotions

So, there are a lot of emotions, of course, but to simplify today, we are going to talk about the four main emotions that are fear, the wrath, the sorrow And the joy.Feelings are variations of emotions. For example, for fear, it can range from slight disappointment to terror. These are a whole bunch of feelings that are variations of real emotions.

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#3 Managing emotions: let's start by knowing where they come from.

So what are the origins of Four emotions What was I talking about earlier?


The origin of anger comes from the feeling of having suffered damage. In business in general, it is the feeling of having suffered disrespect or injustice. So be careful, these can be real or imaginary feelings! My emotion can be as strong as if there really is someone who is disrespecting me or that I imagine that the person is not disrespecting when it is not.


The origin of fear comes from the feeling of being in front of a real or imaginary danger. Fear, on the other hand, is real. We will talk again in video No. 2 how important it is not to deny people's emotions since they are real. What we can learn to do is check if the fact is real.


Third emotion: sadness. The origin of sadness comes from the real or imaginary feeling of loss. Something that will never be the same again...

The joy:

And for joy, so what is the origin of joy? The feeling of perfection, of fullness, of being in a space where everything is perfect, where everything is exceptional.

See you very soon!

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