Managers: 5 ways to transform themselves through collaborative management
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Managers: 5 ways to transform themselves through collaborative management

To return to performance and give new impetus to their company, more and more managers are not hesitating to turn to a new mode of operation: collaborative management.

1. Valuing everyone's knowledge and skills.

2. Hear the ideas put forward by the community.

3. Organize everything to create a creative and productive dialogue.

4. Mix to go even further.

Collaborative management is a well-balanced cocktail. Well balanced, it will allow a company to decompartmentalize its organization and promote interactions between its employees. Here's how to do it in five steps.

Have confidence in your employees

Do you have confidence in your employees? Show them that you believe in their abilities. By making them adhere to your collaborative management concept, you will more easily train them with you. Listen to their ideas, support their business-related projects.

Be true

Do you want your employees to be as responsive and efficient as possible? Play the game of transparency about the organization and results of your business. Even be authentic: by being real, you will strengthen your image and gain their trust.

Think “transversal”

A company has as many skills as there are employees. But it is precisely these differences that make up all the wealth and strength of a society. Focus on the complementarity and qualities of each person to achieve the company's goals. Think of a transversal organization by breaking the lines of the classical hierarchy to ensure the efficiency and interactivity of your employees.

Play flexibility

Since collaborative management relies on a more or less large group of employees, do not hesitate to introduce a good dose of flexibility. Question certain operating rules but be flexible in your decisions: collaborative management requires great ability to adapt from everyone.

Cultivate feedback

It is essential to question yourself to ensure the sustainability of teamwork in a company. Whether it is a question of going back to a process, a meeting, an appointment, it is important not to deprive yourself of feedback and comments concerning them. This culture of continuous learning and questioning — at all levels of the hierarchy — allows the company to constantly move forward.

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