Maisons du Monde has chosen Click & Coach to support the development of its Top Managers
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Maisons du Monde has chosen Click & Coach to support the development of its Top Managers

Since the beginning of 2022, Click & Coach, Talentis' digital coaching platform, has been chosen by the Maisons du Monde group to support the development of 50 top managers. Discover the testimony of Julien Léguillon, HR Development Director at Maisons du Monde.

Hello, could you introduce yourself in a few words please?

Julien Léguillon, HR Development Director at Maisons du Monde : “Hello everyone, Julien Léguillon, I am HR Development Director at Maisons du Monde. I am in charge of recruitment, talent development, compensation and benefits and finally diversity and inclusion.”

What were the main challenges for Maisons du Monde in terms of talent development?

Julien Léguillon : “The main challenge was to support the development of Maisons du Monde in Europe and, in particular, to support the HR project that we developed over three years ago. And one of the major topics of this project was of course the recruitment of talent and the development of skills. And we started by creating a community of managers called the leadership group, which is our top 50 in the company. And based on our values, based on our reason for being, we wanted to create an MDM Management School, a school to support and develop the skills of this leadership group. This course was called Essentials and the Essentials course started with individual coaching for its 50 managers.”

Why did you opt for individual coaching?

Julien Léguillon : “In this Essential course, we have management technique modules, modules for acculturation to the Maisons du Monde culture, but, first of all, we wanted each manager to take the time to develop a reflection with a personal coach. That's why we chose coaching. It was a real gift that we gave to each of our managers to, before actually acquiring these managerial skills, to take the time to reflect on them.”

Why did you choose the Click & Coach online professional coaching solution?

Julien Léguillon : “We had 50 managers to train over a period of six months at the start of the program. And it's true that over the past three years at Maisons du Monde, we've had a fairly strong dynamic. We have managers who are everywhere in France, in Europe. So, we had to find a solution that was, I would say, accessible to all, simple, agile. And so, Click & Coach allowed each employee to adapt their coaching to their daily lives, which was a real success.”

What do you think are the keys to the success of this partnership with Talentis?

Julien Léguillon : “First, the interlocutors. We had the same contact person throughout the project. That's still great for us because we were able to support our managers and develop the solution with them. In fact, we always had someone as a reference. As I said earlier, we still had 50 members of the leadership group to support. So also in terms of costs, it was a real differentiating approach. And clearly, each member of the leadership group was able to choose their coach. And that was one of the keys to the success of this program.

In addition, we have been working with Talentis for two years now and we have renewed the partnership. At Talentis, we found real agility in the support and solution offered. I would also say real listening to improve the program on a daily basis.”

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