Linkedin, Twitter: how to impose yourself on professional networks?
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Linkedin, Twitter: how to impose yourself on professional networks?

To succeed professionally, it is essential today to make yourself visible and to cultivate relationships on social networks, a new nerve center in professional networks.

Develop your network

In a few years, this short sentence has become the equivalent of a mantra for those who want to increase their visibility on social networks (Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter...), gather sound advice to run their business, multiply intelligent connections, and create a positive social impact. However, to be effective, certain rules must be respected.

Define your editorial line!

On social media, don't talk about everything and anything. Your political or religious opinions are not necessarily of interest to your professional circle... Your tweets, your articles and the information you share must meet a certain “editorial line” that is closely linked to your activity. Remember that your network is varied: it includes colleagues, simple professional acquaintances but also customers, prospects or influencers.

Do you never get a Like and your information is never shared? Ask yourself about their relevance and be more demanding. First and foremost, publish the most interesting information in your sector by including a comment.

Seek the confrontation of ideas

Networks are about sharing. Do not hesitate to share your challenges at networking evenings, specialized fairs or even afterworks during which you can ask for advice and even help. Be enthusiastic: the debate of ideas is always rewarding and will have the advantage of making you known.

Have a community spirit

Of course: networking is a win-win relationship. But it would be too simple — and wrong — to limit it to this definition alone. While good networking cannot exist without good communication, it will also not be able to grow without a high quality of listening. Being generous, helping the members of your network without expecting anything in return, is a bet that will prove to be a winning bet, in the short or medium term. Knowing that you belong to a network that shares the same ideas also reinforces the feeling of belonging to a strong and solid community.

Power your network

C.Q.F.D.: an effective network is a network that lives! Good relationships need to be maintained and maintained over the long term. Feed them by connecting regularly, by offering your help to your contacts, by participating in a debate on this or that social network. Use your calendar to not miss an important event, listen to everyone, and leave no one behind.

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