How to be more effective at work in 4 keys.
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

How to be more effective at work in 4 keys.

How can you be more effective at work? In this period, which for many of us still rhymes with teleworking, it is not always easy to always remain perfectly effective on a daily basis. Between the meetings that follow one another, the priorities that evolve, the communication that is becoming more difficult, staying focused on your goals is becoming a real challenge. In this video, Valérie Rocoplan, CEO of Talentis and professional coach, shares with us 4 essential keys to be more effective at work.

Key number 1 to be more efficient at work: give priority to your “big stones”.

To properly organize your time every day, every week, every month, the law of “big stones” is always the best. Small Recall this metaphor well known:If we don't put our “big pebbles” first in our pot, we won't be able to get the gravel, sand and water in. These big pebbles represent the priorities of the day, of the week that provide real value. The tasks and projects on which we are expected to work on first.It is crucial to put them in your agenda and to protect these working hours: disconnect emails and your phone.At home, when working from home, it is sometimes more difficult to concentrate (more meetings, family life, etc...). I therefore invite you to favor 30-minute beaches that you will devote to these important projects.

Key No. 2 to be more effective at work: know your personal pitfalls.

Personal pitfalls concern Drivers :

  • Be strong
  • Be perfect
  • Make fun
  • Make an effort
  • Hurry up

The “be strong” never asks for help and always wants to fend for himself. The trap? He never alerts his manager and/or his team when they are overwhelmed and have trouble organizing themselves.The “be perfect” will want to do everything perfectly even if it means spending hours working 3 slides by looking at every micro-detail. The “please” person wants to please everyone. He therefore prioritizes the time of others over his own. In this way, he regularly falls behind on his own projects. The “make an effort” believes that there is always a way to do things differently. What is the point of using what you've already done when there are new ways of doing things? The “hurry up” wants to do everything at the same time. It “stacks” tasks and projects.

To find out how to neutralize your personal pitfalls, read this article!

Key n° 3 to be more effective at work: be attentive to your personal ecology.

Some of us, like me, are more effective in the morning. Others don't. They therefore have an interest in programming simple, energy-efficient tasks at the beginning of the day. It is important to take into account these moments of the day when we are very efficient in order to reserve them to take care of our “big stones” (see key 1). In periods of teleworking and crisis, these energy times can vary from day to day. Staying in tune with your energy is therefore essential in order to take breaks at the right time.Also, do not hesitate to ask for help from your colleagues and your manager so that they can help you prioritize.

Key No. 4 to be more effective at work: listen to your emotions and feelings.

Remember to listen to your emotions carefully!Beware of the “emotional trash can” trap, which consists in pouring out your own frustrations and anger on others.To help you properly manage your emotions and feelings, I can recommend Stephen Covey's book: Prioritizing Priorities.To fully understand these different keys, you can be accompanied by one of the Talentis professional coaches. With their history as a manager and/or director in large groups and their experience of 10 years in professional coaching, he will help you choose the best options and will facilitate your perspective. The objective: to strengthen your ability to find positive resources and move forward. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you want to know more about our individual coaching offers.

See you very soon!

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