How do you create trust in your teams?
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

How do you create trust in your teams?

The cornerstone of the company's success, trust between the manager and his employees is part of a dynamic of reciprocal exchange. An insight from Valérie Rocoplan, founder and director of Talentis, who explains to us how to create trust within teams.

While trust is an essential element in the success of a business, it is based above all on a contract. Which is based on the ability of employees to believe in the company's projects but also on the trust they have in their manager. And, according to the various studies conducted on this subject, and in particular the one conducted by BVA in 2011, only 19% of employees have a very good opinion of their managers.

The manager's role

For managers, creating a climate of trust means first of all knowing how to communicate, listen and give confidence to their employees. By speaking regularly, by insisting on the qualities of the latter, he will allow the team to come together a little more. In this way, he will be able to get the best out of his collaborators, individually but also collectively.

To establish a climate of trust, it is also essential for the manager to know himself and to be able, in all circumstances, to manage his stress. To question his own relationship with trust, because he is the one who will determine the quality of his future exchanges with his collaborators. Their wealth will depend above all on his level of empathy, his kindness and his ability to listen. Three essential qualities to avoid any misunderstanding.

Individual coaching according to Talentis

The three key words of a manager

• It takes courage for the manager to be To be sincere and transparent. But playing the card of honesty and candor largely determines the effectiveness of a business. Misrepresenting the truth can undermine the trust and motivation of employees. Likewise, any criticism will be constructive if it is stated with respect for the other.

Disseminate a feedback culture in organizations

• To be recognized as an expert in your field, it is first of all a question of being credible in the eyes of its collaborators. While this means being constantly learning in order to strengthen one's skills, this does not mean thinking that they are infallible: a manager does not know everything and must, again, be transparent. Moreover, its credibility is also based on its ability to set clear and concrete goals.

Last but not least, wanting to build trust is doomed to failure if you are not reliable self. The manager should question his own culture of engagement, say what he is going to do and do what he said. Also, refrain from making flawed excuses such as “I didn't get your email” or keep empty promises. There's nothing like it to undermine trust. However, sometimes there are circumstances that do not allow you to keep your word. In this case, the manager must explain the reasons, let his collaborators speak, and respect their points of view. Knowing how to listen and hear must also be another of his — multiple — qualities!


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