Coaching in 2019: state of play and perspectives
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Coaching in 2019: state of play and perspectives

On the occasion of the Annual Talentis Coaches Congress, Gabriel Hannes, President of E.M.C.C France, Caribbean, Oceania, Professional Coach, Supervisor and Speaker, came to talk to us about the future of coaching. A meeting point for all actors in coaching, the E.M.C.C (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) is open to all professionals with an effective and ethical practice of coaching, mentoring or supervision (primarily or as an additional activity) and specific training carried out or in progress: Coaches, consultants, advice, trainers, psychotherapists, or supervision (primarily or as an additional activity) and specific training carried out or in progress: Coaches, consultants, advice, trainers, psychotherapists, or supervision (primarily or as an additional activity) and specific training carried out or in progress: Coaches, consultants, consultants, consultants, consultants, consultants, trainers, psychotherapists, or supervision (primarily or as an additional activity). researchers... In this interview, Gabriel Hannes draws up a report Quick locations for coaching in 2019 and discusses the prospects for the years to come: Transcript of the video:

Talentis: “Do past and ongoing changes in organizations impact the future of coaching? ”

So indeed, the expectations of employees, managers, governments, organizations, whether small, medium or large, have changed a lot in recent years. Of course, the impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence or what Joël De Rosnay calls, much more subtly, “auxiliary intelligence” that will increase the properties of individuals, teams and organizations, has a very brutal, very strong and very profound influence on the functioning of organizations, with ecosystems that are no longer augmented ecosystems, but ecosystems that become symbiotic, that is to say in permanent interaction without being visible, without being perceptible to the individual. Obviously, the coach needs to understand these new methods of production and regulation of information in their organization because, otherwise quite simply, we would no longer be in a position to understand the challenges of the purposes of organizations for tomorrow.

Talentis: “How has the coaching profession evolved over the last 30 years? ”

So, it's very interesting because at the beginning coaching was considered to be quite pleasant. 30 years ago when coaching came onto the market in France, people saw it as a fairly pleasant job in which you put a little bit of facilitation, fun, creativity. Since then, its function has evolved a lot.There are finally now two main functions that are emerging. One, which is more what I call: “orthopedic coaching”, which will support people who are in difficulty in the face of new ecosystems, who may experience situations of exhaustion.Then another, in which the coach becomes a real sparring partner of the organization to develop new business models, to be able to generate sustainability. Indeed, organizations, in 2019, can collapse extremely abruptly in ecosystems that are constantly changing. In fact, the coach becomes very important to be able to co-pilot the extreme complexity of the system.Edgar Morin says it extremely well: “complex does not mean complicated”. You must always be able to provide support on all the interfaces of the system.

Talentis: “At the end of 2018, a French radio channel accused coaching of “excesses”. What do you have to say in response to that? ”

Essentially, I was extremely sad because the radio channel that produced this program is a very qualitative and highly respected channel, especially the managers we support. This was not only a caricature, but it was also a set of misunderstandings and errors about what the job is.For example, we heard that coaching was not an academic discipline and that it was not taught at the university. However, there are plenty of university degrees in France, and there will soon be a doctorate. More and more Anglo-Saxon universities are doing research on the subject. Unfortunately, this was a signal that the journalists had not, for one reason or another, done the necessary investigative work. So, above all, this made me very sad because it was a series of absolutely unacceptable amalgams.

Talentis: “What do you think of the arrival of digital technology in coaching? ”

Introducing the digital dimension into the relationship with the customer is something extremely important and interesting because it also makes it possible to experience what companies themselves experience in their relationships with their customers and partners.On the other hand, it is necessary to clearly define where digital coaching is place.If it is a question of contracting, of doing, for example, what we will call “matching” people, this can be very interesting, it can facilitate and that can speed up, provided that a coach is involved. and coachees keep this ultimate freedom to work together once they mee.But this can be very interesting also because it will increase the contacts and therefore the possibilities of finding a coach who suits us.Then, using digital technology to work differently with your client is also extremely interesting because we will be able to create completely synthetic worlds that we would not have access to. Or situations that we would not have access to. We could very well accompany a manager to the other side of the world in a fraction of a second, while maintaining a local qualitative ecosystem. But this still requires a lot of experimentation and at this stage, in 2019, we are not even in the early stages of integrating virtual reality into exchanges. Because this goes well beyond simple Skype or WhatsApp. [/fusion_text] [/fusion_builder_column] [/fusion_builder_row] [/fusion_builder_container]

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