Change careers while limiting risks
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Change careers while limiting risks

Thirsty for new challenges, a desire to take your professional situation in another direction and to change careers? Before taking the plunge, measure your motivation and ask yourself the right questions.

Want to discover another professional universe, feeling that you have answered the question, feeling that you can no longer progress within your company, loss of motivation...

The desire to change jobs often arrives like a distant wave gradually approaching the shore: at first imperceptible, you can barely guess it, just a few discreet movements, warning signs, like fatigue that sets in. And then, this desire grows at the same time as the wave is amplified, inflated by accumulated frustrations, and the feeling of doing On site Don't leave us anymore.

Ask yourself the right questions

To catch the wave, use your power and not get carried away to the beach, you need to ask yourself the right questions before taking the plunge and turning your desire for professional change into reality.

What is your current situation?

Are you satisfied with your environment, with the missions that are given to you, with your remuneration ? These are all essential criteria that will allow you to validate, or not, your desire for change. And to make the right decision.

Evaluate your real desire for change

Two directions can then be considered: either you will perceive opportunities to improve your current professional situation in order to move towards your ideal job, and therefore, to regain the pleasure of working; or you will understand that your future is at stake elsewhere and that your experience can be transposed into a completely different job, but one that is close to the ideal you are striving for.

Study your future environment

If you are ready to embark on a new professional adventure that you will have identified beforehand, by being willing to go the extra mile yourself, don't delay... without skipping the stairs. Conduct your survey among professionals in the sector in which you want to work. In this way, you will learn the characteristics of your future profession, its advantages and disadvantages, which will allow you to make a well-considered decision.. Find out about the companies that are recruiting, about the dynamism of the sector. By making yourself known, you will build your future professional network.

Take measured risks

Changing jobs is a great and exciting challenge, but it is also a sometimes risky bet that involves the whole family. Do not hesitate to find out about the assistance available to finance your desire to retrain. Many devices exist to reduce your bill. Also, do not forget that, sometimes, a change of work involves additional costs (real estate or travel expenses, car purchase, etc.).

Set clear goals

If your desire to change your professional life is driven by an unwavering will, however, to successfully complete your project, you must follow a specific program and stick to it. Otherwise, you will run the risk of seeing your dream go away due to uncontrolled impulses. Be in action: it is she who will make your dream come true and turn it into reality.

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