Carrefour has chosen Click & Coach to support the development of its talents
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Carrefour has chosen Click & Coach to support the development of its talents

“With Click & Coach, we have access to experienced professional coaches who fully understand our challenges and problems.”

Discover the testimony of Vanessa Kolasniewski, Talent Manager at Carrefour, with whom we have been working since 2020 to accelerate the development of the group's talents.

What are the challenges faced by Carrefour in terms of talent development?

Vanessa Kolasniewski: “I think that, like many businesses, we face two main challenges. The first is to remain efficient in a competitive and disrupted market. And the second, of course, is to attract and retain talent because we have a highly tense job market, with a very low unemployment rate currently. And then jobs that are becoming more and more scarce. We have put in place various devices. However, coaching, and in particular the Click & Coach coaching platform, seemed to us to be a particularly relevant device in order to be able to support, retain and develop our talents over the long term at Carrefour.

Why did you choose Click & Coach to accelerate the development of your talents?

“It is a partnership that we have signed since 2020 and that we renew every year. And what caught our attention at the time and which continues to make us satisfied today is really the premium service provided by the Click & Coach platform. We really have experienced coaches, professionals who are offered to us, who know our market and our problems very well, who have a fairly strong results-oriented culture and who, as a result, are perfectly in a position to support our employees in their challenges of today and tomorrow.

Then, the support offered by the Talentis teams, also around the platform. It is really a solution that is tailor-made, adapted to the needs of Carrefour. You can trigger coaching whenever you want. In addition, the fact that it allows remote coaching is very important for Carrefour because we have teams all over France, in stores, warehouses, and headquarters. And it is true that these various employees, thanks to this technology, can benefit from coaching, which was not necessarily the case in the past. Moreover, it is a platform that is obviously very ergonomic for coachees who are not coaching experts.

It is very easy to use to be able to select your coach, choose appointment slots, find evaluation tests, resources that are also available to employees. And then we have really high-quality reporting thanks to the platform or thanks to the Talentis teams, which allows us to follow the status of our coachees directly. Have they started or not? Did they do their tripartite or quadripartite of launching and closing?...”

What do you particularly like about this partnership with Talentis?

“It's a real comfort and it's nice for us to have a dedicated and long-lasting team. It is a real partnership and therefore it is the same people who have been following us for three years and who therefore know us very well and are in a position to adapt the solutions offered to us to the needs of the company.”

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