Businesses: how to make better use of social networks
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

Businesses: how to make better use of social networks

Social networks are great levers for increasing visibility and promoting a company's values. You still have to know how to use them and select the information shared! Advice from Valérie Rocoplan, founder and director of Talentis, on how to use social networks.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram... Any company that wants to increase its professional visibility must now position itself on social networks. Having become essential, these communication platforms make it possible to improve the image and increase the company's audience, in particular by exploring new territories. Social networks also offer the opportunity to take the pulse of users, to communicate with your existing or potential customers - and to better understand their expectations.

While individuals first appropriated the digital world, the business world was slow to take stock of Facebook or Twitter. For two years, SMEs and large groups have been making up for this delay and it is now unfeasible to launch a communication policy without a social media plan.

6 tips to optimize your Web 2.0 presence

1. Develop the reputation and visibility of your company.

Since social networks make it possible to increase the reach and visibility of your business, develop a policy of acquiring fans, friends or followers. Addressing a larger audience will allow you to expand your audience even more, and to increase your visibility even more.

2. Target the people you want to reach.

What audience do you want to reach? Experts in your sector, managers, investors? Analyzing the information you have will allow you to adapt and target your publications even better. Be creative about the content and the form of your broadcasts, enrich your content who will be able to make a difference with your competitors and will affirm your status as an expert.

3. Listen up.

Be responsive and set up a news watch on the social networks that you will use in order to optimize your visibility, and therefore your audience. By listening to your visitors and taking into account their comments, by starting a dialogue with them, you will then be able to draw the contours of your customers more precisely. Keep up to date with the latest news in your market in order to position yourself as an expert and In fine as an influencer in your sector.

4. Take care of your presence.

Whether on LinkedIn or Twitter, bring your profiles to life! If your posts, on LinkedIn or elsewhere, are relevant and of high quality, they will be shared. A company can react to certain social events, but with great caution.. Do not participate in debates that you could not control: it is your company's image that is at stake.

5. Monitoring your online reputation is important to know who visits your page.

GWhat are your most read posts... Check it regularly using the statistics available on social platforms: they indicate who visited your page, what areas these people work in...

6. Select the social networks that are best suited to your business.

All social networks are interesting but being present everywhere requires considerable resources. Les B2B businesses have every interest in focusing their efforts on twitter, a meeting place for professionals from all walks of life, journalists and influencers. To reach the general public, facebook remains very interesting. But it is mainly intended for the privacy of individuals and businesses are often disappointed with the results achieved. Pinterest or instagram can be good complements to Twitter, especially for sharing infographics or images. As for Linkedin, any manager must show up at least once a week, sharing information or, even better, by publishing original content.

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