At the heart of Executive Coaching: testimony of Jo Stapleton Leymarie

At the heart of Executive Coaching: testimony of Jo Stapleton Leymarie

Since 2003, our mission at Talentis has been to support talents, managers and managers, up to the peak of their abilities by transforming their challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence. One of the pillars of Talentis is its ability to unite a team of nearly 150 Executive Coaches spread over more than 27 countries. Recruited for their extensive experience both as manager/director in a company, and as an Executive Coach, they now form a close-knit and learning Talentis Community.
In this 2nd episode of “At the heart of Executive Coaching”, we are delighted to introduce you to Jo Leymarie, Executive Coach at Talentis since 2020, whose professional background and coaching approach perfectly embody the values and effectiveness of our method. Jo offers us an overview of her vision of coaching, the importance of community work at Talentis, and shares with us a significant experience that highlights the transformative power of coaching.

Talentis: “Can you introduce yourself in a few words?”

Jo Leymarie, Talentis Executive Coach: “My name is Jo Leymarie and I have been a coach at Talentis for four years. With 25 years of experience in business, my professional career has mainly involved the creation and development of divisions for international companies in France, specializing in the professional video industry. In my last professional experience in business, I also worked as Deputy Director in an information company, managing the purchase and sale of information for prestigious clients, such as large companies and university libraries. It was during a reorganization project that took place in this company that I became aware of the importance of support during major transitions, which motivated me to become an executive coach.”

Talentis: “What is your vision of Executive Coaching?”

Jo Leymarie, Talentis Executive Coach: “My vision of coaching is based on the idea of a solid partnership between the coach and the client, based on benevolent curiosity and humility. It is important to be curious, in a good sense of the word, curious about what could happen to the person, to the organization, or what could happen in their environment. After that, it is important to remain humble because, regardless of what we think we have understood about a situation, as a coach, we are not in this situation exactly. It is therefore important to keep this state of mind: “I think I understand what the person is going through”, but it is always the coachee who is in control, it is important to remember that. I believe in the importance of remaining open and receptive, always aware that the customer remains in control of their journey.

Talentis: “What are the advantages of being part of the Talentis Community?”

Jo Leymarie, Talentis Executive Coach: “At Talentis, I particularly value the feeling of community among coaches, which enriches my work. It is also an opportunity to work with major international groups that have a global reach.”

Talentis: “Do you have an anecdote to share with us?”

Jo Leymarie, Talentis Executive Coach: “A striking example of my experience is coaching a young woman, who is perceived as a promising talent within her company. Thanks to coaching, she quickly overcame impostor syndrome and shattered glass ceilings by becoming the first female manager of a production plant abroad, a first for her company.”

Talentis: “What trends do you see emerging in the field of Executive Coaching?”

Jo Leymarie, Talentis Executive Coach: “I notice that there is a positive evolution in the perception of coaching: more and more people see it as an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and no longer as a means of correction. Coaching is now seen as a lever to reach your goals more effectively and adapt to key moments in your career.”

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