At the heart of Executive Coaching: discovery with Bertrand Huck, executive coach at Talentis
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

At the heart of Executive Coaching: discovery with Bertrand Huck, executive coach at Talentis

Executive Coaching is proving to be a valuable tool for the development of leadership and management skills. According to a study published by the Harvard Business Review, a large majority of managers (more than 80%) who have received support acknowledge that their managerial and leadership skills have improved significantly. Since its creation in 2003, Talentis has worked to offer an Executive Coaching experience that meets the varied needs of talents and organizations in a personalized and innovative way.

Our team of Executive Coaches is at the heart of our approach. Selected for their extensive experience and expertise — including a minimum of 15 years as manager/manager and 10 years in coaching —, they are committed to providing quality support, meeting the high standards we have set for ourselves. In this interview, we give the floor to Bertrand Huck, Executive Coach at Talentis, who perfectly embodies the spirit and excellence of our mission.

Talentis: “Could you please introduce yourself in a few words? ”

Bertrand Huck, Talentis Executive Coach : “My name is Bertrand Huck and I have been a coach within the Talentis Community since 2018.

Before being a coach, I worked for twenty years in a company in the computer industry, in multinationals such as HP and Toshiba, with marketing and Business Development responsibilities. I managed teams in international contexts, in a “start-up” spirit at the time because we were in the process of launching a lot of innovations.

What I was passionate about was the human adventure, developing new products, new markets with teams, being creative, innovative, developing collective intelligence.

This human adventure naturally led me to be passionate about people and the way teams work. Namely, how, through collective intelligence, through good communication, it was possible to succeed all together. Gradually, I moved towards this profession of coach.”

Talentis: “How did your first steps as an Executive Coaching professional take place? ”

Bertrand Huck, Talentis Executive Coach: “Initially, I had an experience in a firm that was more oriented towards management and leadership training. It opened my mind to a lot of things. Then, I returned to a more operational role in a sales department in a marketing consulting firm.

During this period, I started training in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). After a course of two years, I obtained the certification of master practitioner. Then, when I started coaching and facilitating leadership and management seminars, 14 years ago, I trained in Process Com and the systemic approach. Finally, starting to practice coaching, I went to train to obtain a professional coach certification, which is the recognized certification in the profession.”

Talentis: “What does being part of the Talentis Executive Coach Community bring you? ”

Bertrand Huck, Talentis Executive Coach: “Being part of this community is first and foremost an opportunity to work on extremely interesting, inspiring projects, especially with CAC 40 companies, but it is also and above all an extremely inspiring community. Between coaches, we work a lot as a team, by cohosting group coaching for example, or by being several coaches working with the same client. In fact, it is an opportunity to exchange and learn from this community, and to continue to develop.

I also think it's an opportunity to make a contribution myself and to share my experience and coaching skills with other coaches.”

Talentis: “Do you have a coaching anecdote to share with us? ”

Bertrand Huck, Talentis Executive Coach: “For the past six years, I have been hosting a management and leadership seminar for a major international cosmetics group. Within this system, I often get feedback from participants who say: “It's a game changer”, in other words, this program was really significant for them and changed the situation.

Another funny anecdote, one of my coachees one day after the fifth session told me: “Bertrand, I wanted to tell you something important”. She told me: “I stopped smoking thanks to you.” Obviously, this was not part of the coaching objectives and we had never addressed this point. I tell myself that the work we did together also led her to think about the subject of quitting smoking, and I don't know, maybe as a ripple effect, it gave her the energy to take on this challenge.”

Talentis: “What innovations and major breakthroughs do you see coming in the Executive Coaching sector? ”

Bertrand Huck, Talentis Executive Coach: “There is of course a professional context that is changing a lot and that has evolved in recent years, with a world that is increasingly changing, volatile, and uncertain. There is therefore a need to support managers and managers in view of a certain vulnerability that they feel and that sometimes they recognize. The protected space allowed by Executive Coaching is a place where they can express this vulnerability. It is not always easy for them to express it elsewhere. The subject, as an Executive Coach, is to welcome this, and especially to find out, with the person being supported, what to do with this vulnerability. Indeed, the coachee is looking for solutions. In this way, I am convinced that Executive Coaching must be increasingly results-oriented and it is this philosophy that I find again at Talentis.

There is another trend, of course, and that is digital. The fact that we can also, in particular through platforms like Click & Coach, develop coaching for a greater number of coachees, wherever they are in the world.”

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