5 keys to becoming a business manager
Rémi Zunino
Rémi Zunino

5 keys to becoming a business manager

Create your start-up, have a brilliant idea that you want to see succeed, want to stand on your own two feet, be the only decision-maker and start your business... Taking risks can be learned.

Desire to change their life, desire to embark on a new professional project, in short, to become their own boss: many employees are considering a professional change of direction by creating a business. This often means the abandonment of a comfortable situation with perfectly established schedules, a well-determined and reassuring work environment, habits that are sometimes rooted for ages. But when it comes to carrying out a project, a well-thought-out idea, strangely enough, there is rarely a lack of energy.

It remains to determine, as precisely as possible, the path we want to take. And remembering that starting a business is anything but easy. That it will be necessary to combine determination, obstinacy, and not be afraid to devote a lot of time and just as much dynamism to it.

Inform your hierarchy

When your decision is made, it is essential to share it with your professional circle. Talking to your management about it will, for example, allow you to organize your agenda. Of course, you should check that there is no clause in your employment contract that prohibits setting up your project. As an employee, you have an obligation of loyalty to your employer.

Organize your time!

Developing a professional project while continuing your professional activity requires flawless organization because the days will count twice! The most important thing is to keep well-defined time slots to move forward with your project. It can be early in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening, on weekends, during the holidays. In reality, your personal time usually dedicated to leisure, social activities... will be devoted to it. However, it is strongly recommended to take real moments of rest with your family and friends, at the risk of not going the distance.

However, do not be “focused”!

Just because the success of your project is important to you does not mean that you should neglect the obligations due to your company. Be organized and stay visible and present. Likewise, if it's normal that you want to talk about it all the time, hold back! Keep in mind that, for now, you are being paid by a company that expects commitment and results from you.

Talk to your loved ones

Your loved ones, your family, your friends are the ones who will support you in all circumstances. Talk to them about your project before and after, explain your approach and your ambitions to them, listen to what they think about it, take their opinions into account. It is this “first circle” that will be there when you go through more difficult times and when you need support.

Prepare for your departure

One day or another, when your project is ready to start, you will have to leave the company where you are an employee. Check with your company's HR department to find out the various possibilities that will then be offered to you: sabbatical, contractual termination of the employment contract... But remember that the administrative aspect is not necessarily the most important in the circumstances: all you have to do is choose the right timing and communicate with your successor and your teams. Explain to them why you are leaving, how it will happen after you leave... Leaving on good terms will, perhaps, preserve your future.

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