• Supporting the organization on leadership aspects of major transformations
  • Supporting managers and their teams in implementating the leadership and cooperation needed to succeed the change: building on change success factors, identifying resistances, setting structural stages to ensure the success of the change projects.


  • Talentis work with the organization in the diagnostic of the new leadership and cooperative habits that people and teams need to put in place to manage the changes successfully
  • Once the gaps between present and desired situations are clearly identifies, Talentis accompanies the new leadership model and cooperation team rules to become a true reality
  • It can be a mix of leadership transformation programme:
    o 360° for people at different levels
    o Seminars
    o Cooperative sessions and learning programmes that embody the new leadership skills expected to be displayed
    o Learning expeditions to understand how other companies and people have successfully managed their transformations
    o Coaching of people, teams and group of teams

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