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With Click & Coach, professional coaching is available in just a click! 3 steps to get you started:

1) Your company buys Click & Coach coaching sessions by the hour:
You receive a package of coaching hours from your company as part of a group or individual coaching programme.

2) You decide on the theme of your coaching sessions and choose your coach:
Using the proposed coaching themes, you choose the coach who best matches your needs and your criteria

3) You schedule your coaching sessions directly with the coach:
You schedule your coaching sessions using the coach’s calendar. The coach confirms his/her availability and you’re ready to go! You can follow your coaching sessions by telephone or via a video conferencing solution.

Benefits for the Talent & for the Company:

This premium online business coaching solution offers :

  • Flexibility:

We provide your talents with a flexible and user-friendly solution that allows to spread the practice of coaching within your organisation.

  • Innovation:

Click & Coach offers a new coaching experience adapted both to the professional pace and needs of your talents.

  • Autonomy:

We offer a genuine freedom of choice to your talents : selection of their coach, of their coaching objectives, calendar management…

  • Professionalism:

We guarantee the quality of Talentis coaching services through our team of international senior coaches.

  • Efficiency:

Thanks to its dashboard, Click & Coach enables track at anytime the results and the efficiency of the coachings.

  • Learning:

We offer a large choice of resources, with over 250 articles, videos and books on a wide panel of management and professional topics.

Learn More About Click & Coach

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Adress : 9, avenue Hoche 75008 Paris, FRANCE

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