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Improve trust among team members to boost efficiency and corepsonsability 


  • Fostering trust and open communication among team members.
  • Building strong commitment to shared goals,
  • Improving team’s efficiency and collaboration.
  • To foster trust and to renew solidarity.Boosting co responsibility and autonomy
  • Clarifying conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Co writing team ground rules
  • Testing new agile and open cooperation modes


  • Conducting interviews and identifying the team’s desired results, taking stock of the team’s current goals, needs, and their understanding of current conditions.
  • Setting team coaching objectives with both the team leader and the team members.
  • The team works alongside the coach in defining criterias to measure progress.
  • Holding a seminar to highlight the best ways to collaborate, based on the results of the team’s interviews.
  • Accompanying the team after the seminar during several working session to anchor the results and assess team’s progress in the way they collaborate.

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