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With Click & Coach, professional coaching is available in just a click! 3 steps to get you started:

1) Your company buys Click & Coach coaching sessions by the hour
You receive a package of coaching hours from your company as part of a group or individual coaching programme.

2) You decide on the theme of your coaching sessions and choose your coach
Using the proposed coaching themes, you choose the coach who best matches your needs and your criteria

3) You schedule your coaching sessions directly with the coach
You schedule your coaching sessions using the coach’s calendar. The coach confirms his/her availability and you’re ready to go! You can follow your coaching sessions by telephone or via a video conferencing solution.

Benefits for the Talent & for the Company:

A tool easy to use and to pilot.

  • The reknowned expertise of Talentis coaches combined with the flexibility of a cutting-edge digital platform.
  • Senior certified coaches easily reachable (Skype or telephone).
  • An efficient way to provide punctual coaching sessions to anyone anywhere.
  • A talent development and retention tool convenient to distribute coaching hours to a large number of employees.
  • A statement of autonomy and trust addressed to the talents for their self-development.
  • Management of coaching sessions made simple for the company and the talents.
  • An « on the go » coaching solution that can also be plugged to existing leadership programs.
  • A scheduling tool designed to simplify the coachees’ experience.
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